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Gantry Palletizing System

Trillium Automation’s Gantry Palletizing System is a robotic palletizing system that is primarily used to stack one or two products at a time. The primary benefit of the gantry palletizing system is the remarkably small foot print the system utilizes on the plant floor. This system is ideal for existing plants with very little floor space available for palletizing.

In this system, the pallet sits directly on the floor while the robot picks product from the infeed conveyor and places them on the pallet until the pallet is fully stacked. The robot then stacks the product on the accumulation table until the lift-truck operator removes the completed pallet and exchanges it with an empty pallet. The robot then picks product from both the accumulation table and infeed conveyor to stack on the pallet.

Gantry Palletizing Applications

The Gantry Palletizing System is best suited for handling corrugated cases due to the accumulation tables. Tray packs, poly and kraft bags and shrink-wrapped bundles can be handled if the accumulation tables are not utilized. The gantry palletizing system is designed to perform approximately 14 picks per minute of a single product.

Customizations of the standard system include picking more than one package at a time to increase throughput, adding a slipsheet station, pallet height sensing and even a low temperature variant for coolers and freezers.